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Fire Service (Guernsey) Law 1989, as amended

As industry leaders in advice and service, we endeavour to make the buying and selling process as easy and as well informed as we can. There are many hurdles to jump as a Vendor (seller) and one that we would like to inform you of that involves the sale of a flat/apartment is the Fire Service (Guernsey) Law 1989, as amended.

If the property is within a converted building, i.e not purpose built, there may not be an adequate Fire Alarm system installed, unlike a newly constructed apartment/flat block. If that is the case this could mean that the property may not comply with the Fire Services (Guernsey) Law, 1989 as amended. The Law requires that an adequate alarm system is installed to alert all occupants of a fire and that suitable extinguishers are placed where appropriate.

The Fire Service will, at the request of the Purchasers' surveyor/bank, inspect the property if it falls under the above Law and report on its findings. If the property does not comply with the Law, they will require works to be carried out, so that it does. These works can include the installation of alarms, escape lighting, fire doors and even the addition of fire separating plasterboard between communal areas.

This will be an unwanted cost to a Vendor and will delay completing the sale, therefore our advice is quite simple - if your thinking about selling, let us know. While we are valuing your property we will be able to provide a cursory inspection and advise at that time if you may have a problem. Alternatively, get in contact with the Fire Service and request a Fire Safety inspection - knowing now if there is a problem is better than the delays and stress that it will cause in the future.

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