Information For Landlords

Do I need to be present for viewings
If we are accompanying all viewings and have the access codes and keys for your property then your presence is not required.
It is worth noting that tenants often feel more relaxed when the owner is not present.

How much is the Tenants deposit and what happens to it?
The deposit is payable upon the signing of the Tenancy Agreement and can be for whatever you decide (one to two months is usually standard but we will be happy to advise).
If Sarnia are managing the property we hold the deposit in our client account, resulting in a faster and more efficient deposit release process at the end of the tenancy.

How long does it take to receive my rent once paid by the tenant?
For a long-term let you should receive your rent by standing order on the rental due date each month.  The due date is typically, although not always, the date on which the tenant moved in.

Instruction manuals
Manufacturers operating and instruction manuals for all appliances and electrical equipment should be left in the property.  It is important that all electrical equipment and the central heating boiler are serviced and in good working order.  Details of any maintenance contracts should be supplied and Sarnia Estate Agents representative informed.

Ensure that utilities (Water, Electricity, Gas) are transferred into new tenant's name and where applicable the oil tank(s) are full at the start of the tenancy and that the septic tank is empty.  The tenants are required to leave them as they find them when they vacate the property.

Boiler Service Contract
It is a requirement that you to take out a service contract to have the boiler maintained regularly each year.

A minimum of two complete sets of keys must be provided, in the case that we are managing the property three sets of keys must be provided.

Do you have a mortgage?
In most cases when a property is subject to a bank loan or mortgage, written permission is required to sub-let property.  It is your responsibility to obtain the necessary permission.  Again, we ask that you do so before making your plans for letting.

Inventory and cleaning
An inventory accurately recording the state and condition of the property and its contents will be prepared.  Please note that unless we manage the property, it will be your responsibility to ensure that the property and the contents are professionally cleaned before the letting commences.  The tenancy agreement requires that the tenant returns the property and all contents at the termination of the tenancy in the same condition as recorded at the start, except for fair wear and tear.

The tenancy agreement normally requires that you have adequate insurance cover for buildings, contents and public liability and that you advise the insurance company that you are letting the property.  Please note that such cover will not be the responsibility of Sarnia Estate Agents or the tenant.

We recommend that you arrange for the Post Office to re-direct mail to your new address to avoid delays and reduce the risk of identity theft.

The controller of income tax in Guernsey requires Landlords to declare any income (rent) that you receive for a let property.  You will be able to deduct from the gross rent received any expenses including management charges and repairs which have occurred during the course of the tax year.  This information can be obtained from the regular quarterly statements which we will send you.  Any rent received is held in our client's accounts.
Please note: - If we do not receive rent, then we cannot pay you until such time as it is.  If rent is not cleared into our account it is not deemed received.

Appointing contractors to carryout repairs
If we are managing your property we will appoint contractors on your behalf to carryout repairs at the property only after having contacted you to seek your approval to proceed.  However if emergency works are required to prevent further loss / damage or expense we may have to proceed using our best judgement and endeavours without your consent, to act in your best interest.

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