Valuation & Property Health Check

During a valuation we are able to provide you with some free, impartial advice that could help some homeowners sell their property more quickly.

Sarnia Estate Agents launched the Property Health Check service in 2009. It identifies problems that could put potential purchasers off, and offers advice on how best to present the property. 

This Service has given many vendors advice on how to achieve a sale at a top price and highlighted potential stumbling blocks before they happen.

Managing Director Alex Ford said that with most purchasers, first impressions are a major factor in the decision on whether or not to buy a property. Minor presentation details can make the difference between a house selling quickly or remaining on the market for some time.

"With a good selection of properties in all price ranges, the front facade can be the most important aspect as most people like to drive past a property before viewing to assess its suitability. The exterior appearance is therefore extremely important and needs to reflect that the property is properly cared for and welcome you through the door.

Once inside if a prospective purchaser is greeted by a dark, cluttered hallway, and a pile of shoes, this impression could remain with them throughout the rest viewing and have a negative impact. With a growing number of property programs on television clients often have grand ideas of what they could do to a property, but the reality is that once inside the property most struggle with a lack of 'vision' and see only what is in front of them, rather than how it could be once their own ideas and furnishings are arranged".

The Property Health Check service is free, and available to anyone who is looking to sell or who already has their property on the market. It is designed to provide constructive, and effective advice on making your property more attractive to potential purchasers, without the need to spend a lot of money. 

One aspect of this service that makes Sarnia stand out in a crowded market place is the ability to advise on potential boundary issues.

Local Market Director Steve Le Cras was a Conveyancing clerk for nearly 14 years and has been involved in excess of 2000 conveyances. He brings with him that knowledge and experience, enabling the company to provide you with advice on all Conveyancing matters. This will include providing boundary opinions at the property take on stage so if a potential problem is found, you can go to your Advocate at an early stage which will greatly reduce delays of the sale of your property.

The company's experienced negotiators will during the Valuation, identify any potential problems, whilst at the same time hi-lighting any particular features that could prove attractive. The following day, after we have done a thorough comparison of the property against similar properties available and sold in recent months, we will be able to report back to you with our opinion on the market value and a realistic asking price.

Should you wish to take us up on this comprehensive service, please feel free to call or email the office to make an appointment on a day and time suitable for you.

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